Structured Change

What is Asset Management?

November 1, 2018

This episode is dedicated to simplifying "Asset Management". Understanding "Asset Management" vs "The Management of Assets" is a must when engaging change in an asset-intensive organization. Differentiating the two will provide clarity to stakeholders and promote trust and respect. When people understand their role in asset management, especially supporting functions (i.e. Finance, Human Resources, Engineering, Legal and Commercial) there is an instant capability lift that generates collaboration, positive challenge and converging conversations. Asset Management is a great way in which to influence change. Change driven on value will always win against change driven on cost alone!

We have collected our learnings from the field and shared them for likeminded people working in Change, Asset Management and Management Systems. We hope that you will gain insights from our experiences. Each podcast is conveyed through the eyes of the person sharing the experience, not just an academic account of what occurred. These are real-life experiences and approaches. 


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