Structured Change

Apathy, Empathy and Sympathy

November 5, 2018

As Change practitioners, we are continually seeking to improve ourselves and influence an outcome. When we are with people the exchange of information varies between frustration, knowledge, innovation, and value.

We, humans, tend to talk about ourselves (even when we don't intend to). By understanding Apathy, Empathy and Sympathy when we engage and listen to others, we are forearming ourselves against becoming dragged into the problems we are trying to resolve. Being mindful of these perspectives actually helps those we are engaging with, as much as we are trying to help ourselves...

We have collected our learnings from the field and shared them for likeminded people working in Change, Asset Management and Management Systems. We hope that you will gain insights from our experiences. Each podcast is conveyed through the eyes of the person sharing the experience, not just an academic account of what occurred. These are real-life experiences and approaches. 

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