Structured Change

About Them

May 13, 2019

About Them...

  • They are human (They have feelings and their own lives).
  • They all contribute something (They have a purpose).
  • They come to work for many reasons (Money is only one reason).
  • They want to belong (Being part of a Team is a privilege).
  • They want to be respected (They have knowledge and ideas).
  • They want to feel safe (This requires reinforcement).
  • They want to be heard (Everyone can contribute…Allow them).
  • They want to be acknowledged (People like to be recognized occasionally for their contribution).

We have collected our learnings from the field and shared them for likeminded people working in Change, Asset Management and Management Systems. We hope that you will gain insights from our experiences. Each podcast is conveyed through the eyes of the person sharing the experience, not just an academic account of what occurred. These are real-life experiences and approaches. 

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